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Effectiveness of Interventions to Address Cognitive Impairments and Improve Occupational Performance

Mary Vining Radomski, Mattie Anheluk, M. Penny Bartzen, Joette Zola

In this article, Radomski, M. V., Anheluk, M., Bartzen, M. P., & Zola, J. (2016) determine the effectiveness of interventions addressing cognitive impairments to improve occupational performance for people with traumatic brain injury. A total of 37 studies were reviewed. Overall, strong evidence supports the use of direct attention training, dual-task training, and strategy training to optimize executive functioning, encoding, and use of memory compensations, including assistive

technology. In most studies, occupational performance was a secondary outcome.

Overall, evidence supports many intervention approaches used by occupational therapy

practitioners to address cognitive impairments of adults with traumatic brain injury. More studies are needed in which occupational performance is the primary outcome of cognitive intervention.

  • Radomski, M. V., Anheluk, M., Bartzen, M. P., & Zola, J. (2016). Effectiveness of interventions to address cognitive impairments and improve occupational performance after traumatic brain injury: A systematic review. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 70, 7003180050.

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Radomski, Anheluk, Bartzen, & Zola
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