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Occupational Therapy 

Our practice is founded on client-centered care. We recognize that life is multifaceted - and so are you! Which is why we confront life’s challenges through a multidimensional approach, whatever season of life you may be in.

Our OT's have extensive evidence-based knowledge and training on the relationship among complex medical conditions, both mental and physical, completing daily activities, and meaningful engagement with others.


Using a holistic perspective, we work with your whole self - physical, mental, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual - designed to fit your unique roles, routines, and environment.

Together, we identify and prioritize your health goals, problem solve barriers, and harness your innate strengths to build a life of purpose.

Where Science and Creativity Collide 

Mindfully crafted OT services - to name a few:

•    Health Management and Lifestyle Education 
•    Evidence-based Stress Management Techniques 
•    Sensory Diet and Self-regulation Strategies 
•    Role, Routine, and Self-care Development 
•    Neurocognitive Rehabilitation 
•    Therapeutic Exercise, Postural Restoration, and Ergonomics

Strengthen Your Connection 


Mindful Therapies offers carefully curated yoga sessions combining asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork), and short guided meditations.




A personally tailored yoga plan will help ensure a level of comfort, safety and confidence, proper alignment, and most importantly a clear focus of your goals.


We specialize in yoga for anxiety, depression, PTSD, and sensory needs with extensive understanding of body mechanics and physiological constraints.


Individual yoga sessions may be incorporated as part of Occupational Therapy sessions, however, are welcomed to be a stand-alone service.




We offer exclusive yoga sessions for small groups. Whether provided for your company, a family / friend gathering or special event - hosting a private experience catered to your needs can be a creative and empowering way to come together.

Strengthen Your Connection

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